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Traffic Survey

A Traffic Survey is essential for understanding and managing the impact of new developments on existing traffic patterns. It provides critical insights into traffic flow, congestion points, and helps in the formulation of effective traffic management strategies.

Services Offered:

Data Collection

We employ a variety of methods such as manual counts, automatic traffic counters, and video surveillance to collect comprehensive traffic data. This includes the number of vehicles, pedestrian movements, and the types of vehicles using the road.

Traffic Flow Analysis

Our experts analyze the collected data to assess current traffic conditions, identify congestion points, peak traffic times, and the overall efficiency of the traffic flow.

Impact Assessment

We evaluate the potential impact of new developments on local traffic. This includes predicting changes in traffic volumes and patterns and identifying potential congestion and safety issues.


Based on our analysis, we provide actionable recommendations to improve traffic conditions. This can include traffic signal optimization, road widening, introduction of new traffic management strategies, and pedestrian safety measures.


We deliver detailed reports that present our findings and recommendations in a clear, concise manner. Our reports include data visualizations, predictive models, and practical solutions to address traffic issues.

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