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Shipping container structures can be made exclusively from recycled materials

Shipping container architecture has become a new trend to create something different and exclusive. Scrapped containers can really be of use if it is carefully designed and utilized to create functional spaces. So far we have seen homes, restaurants and even multi-storied sky scraper ideas.

Shipping containers are usually 8'X8'X20' or 8'X8'X40'. There are also high end module in which height is little higher like 9.5' However, these modules can be used as a grid to create larger spaces by combining multiple containers.

Shipping Container Kitchen Idea

Two 40' Container used for creating concert stage and restaurant

For multistoried development even concrete structures can be made to support the container modules. Look at this example of creating 20 storied high building concept.

There are some more concept presentation below by #DhakaDesigner


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