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Floor Plan Rendering

Floor plan rendering is a very efficient way of showing what is happening inside a floor at a glance. In a good number of cases, the client might not have any idea on how to read a plan drawing. 3D floor plan rendering solves it all

This is how the drawings look, the most popular un-attractive way of representing #architectural #Plan drawings

To make better explanation of the project and for good marketing value, we created realistic way of presenting the floor plan so everyone can understand what is happening there. Take a look.

Please note the theme was #Scandenavian Interior design concept, if you do not know about the theme, it is minimal and mostly black, white and plants

Two bedrooms with Single bed, One with Double bed, common en-suite for all
Three Bedroom apartment with Formal and Family Living

Three bedroom apartment with Formal living and Large ensuite

Two Bedroom Studio Apartment

Two bedroom apartment with Walk in closet, formal and family living and big ensuite

Compact Four bedroom studio Apartment

Single bed Studio

There are two bedrooms, three bedrooms, and a one-bedroom studio apartments here. The flooring is of parquet woods. Everything is representing the Scandinavian concept by selective usage of furniture, color, and texture

Dhaka Designer is an architecture and interior design consulting studio based in Dhaka and providing services worldwide


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