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Arabian House Restaurant

#ArabianHouseRestaurant Designed and made by Dhaka Designer.

Al Baitul Arab is an Arabian food restaurant, aimed to provide true Arabian dish to their customer. The Chef is an Arab chef with long experience in working in Arabian Restaurant.

The Restaurant is divided into Two major parts. Regular dining area and private family area. There is a big kitchen and a pretty big bathroom.

The interior color scheme is modern. Ceiling is black to minimize the amount of false ceiling. The furniture used are all hand crafted with marble top table. These furniture are designed in such a way to give a feeling of home or have a dining at home.

The project itself took a bit time to renovate, redo all electrical, plumbing etc. Overall duration was 3 months.

#DhakaDesigner is an #Architecture and #InteriorDesign Studio in #Dhaka, committed to be the #Best #InteriorDesign team in #Bangladesh


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