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Han She Mart Dry Food Store

Small Dry food store design for a Japanese and Chinese Dry food store in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The place is a small retail shop at a large shopping complex in Baridhara DOHS area. It was possibly a clothing store. As we found the space, there were old ceiling which we sent to the trash bin. This is what we did to the space

⚡Disassemble the Ceiling

⚡Disassemble the Electrical and Lighting

⚡Made new Electrical Layout using pipes on surface

⚡Painted the whole ceiling in Black ⚡Designed new rustic lighting for the space

⚡Changed the dirty floor and replaced with wooden pvc flooring

⚡Added some metal works and wooden storage space above 8'

⚡ Branding Elements like Main Banner and Bell-Banner

The industrial style initial Design concept of the space. Ideally this was supposed to be made of Pinewood but later we decided to go with simple malamine board (particle board) with similar theme.

After the small renovation work in the space, this was the look


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