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Home Renovation in Mirpur

There were two Apartments in an old building made by concord in Mirpur 02, Dhaka. Those were rental property of Mr. Zakir who was a govt employee. He used to live in Matijheel and now wanted to shift to his home in Mirpur. However as those apartments where small and didn't have any provision of good lighting and ventilation, he came to us to redesign the home and renovate it. Here is the old and new plan of the apartment

Problem with the Old area was Many

  1. Very Small Kitchen

  2. Dining & Living had no Privacy

  3. No provision of natural Lights (really)

  4. No natural ventilation

  5. Very Small Bathroom Bath 03

  6. Bath 02 was leaking water in the Balcony

  7. Weirdly long non private Balcony on the south Each and every problem was solved in the new design

Few things were changed during construction like the door in the Garden area was fully glass double door and location of few fittings changed to make less adjustments to the existing plumbing works.

Work in Progress Pictures


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