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Nine Storied Apartment Building in Jolshiri Residential Area

Client: Major A K M Niamul Haque

Land Size: 5 Katha or 3600 Sqft Building Height: Ground Floor + 8 Apartment Floor (Mixture of Single, Double and Duplex Units) Location: Sector 16, Plot 16, Jolshiri Residential Area, 300 Feet, Dhaka

One of the first buildings of Jolshiri this 5 Katha land is getting developed as a new address of the client who wants to leave the chaotic dhaka and live in a place where everything is organized and clean. Jolshiri is a development by Bangladesh Army and is going to replace the necessity of DOHS of the Retired Army people. They are currently approving buildings up to G+2 Storied only, however, we have designed it as a G+8 Storied building and already created the foundation for it


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