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In the rush towards modernity, we often overlook the distinct characteristics that make a village home in Bangladesh truly special. There's a tendency to replicate the design of urban duplexes, disregarding the unique requirements and essence of a #village_dwelling. The foundation of a village home lies in the utilization of local raw materials, aligning with functionality, and catering to the specific needs of the client.

Bearing this in mind, we embarked on the creation of a charming duplex situated in Basta Union, #Dhamrai, named"Nayan Joriman Neer." The client, Mr. Rahman, expressed a preference for a retro-style structure over a modern design. Upon entering the building, a captivating brick screen on the left greets visitors, casting defused light and shadow to create a serene ambiance while ensuring ample ventilation.

The entrance gate, standing at a modest 6 inches in height and crafted from stainless steel in typical village fashion, provides at least 2 feet of clear space above the head. Climbing three additional steps, totaling 18 inches, leads to the ground floor, a design choice crucial for those carrying goods on their heads.

The building offers two entrances—one directly leading to the guest room and another to the shared drawing and dining area. The guest bedroom features a compact 5-foot-long washroom, thoughtfully designed to separate dry and wet areas, with ceiling-mounted exhaust fans enhancing ventilation.

With two bedrooms on each floor, totaling four in the entire establishment, every room comes equipped with attached washrooms. The functional kitchen is situated on the ground floor, boasting ample wall cabinets for practical use.

Surrounded by lush trees, the building features a staircase to the identical first floor, also adorned with a brick screen. The first floor mirrors the ground floor in design, creating a harmonious living space.

One common pitfall in design is neglecting the fact that village homes may lack the technical expertise and labor quality found in urban areas like Dhaka. Construction often relies on local individuals, sometimes from nearby cities, emphasizing the importance of a design that complements their capabilities. It's crucial to avoid extravagant features unless the local workforce can seamlessly bring them to fruition, preventing unnecessary costs in both time and money.

Checkout the Youtube video for more details

Real Pictures and also the Rendered images during designs are attached. Thank you



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