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Modern Duplex in Sylhet

Well not really in the city, this beautiful western Two Storied, Single Family home is about 50 Kilometers from Sylhet; in Khasha Upazilla, at Beanibazar. We call it the Beanibazar project and named it KOLPO GHOR (কল্প ঘর)

The family members of this home mostly live abroad and in multiple countries. Highly unlikely they meet yearly together but all of them want to come to Bangladesh every year at least once. There came the necessity of building something that meets their living standard in a few ways.

The Site is on top of a small hillock, which is called Tila (টিলা) in Bangladesh. There is a natural slope to wash away the stormwater naturally.

Check out the Floor Plan Drawings here

Number of Bedrooms; 10 Number of Bathrooms; 8

Servant Bed+Bath: Yes

Living - 01

Family Living - 02

Large Kitchen and Dining Two Major Double Height Spaces

Lots of Glazing to enjoy Rainfall & Natural Beauty

Project Status: Running from December 01st, 2022 Expected Finishing Date December 31st, 2023

Design Team Architects:

Arif Ashraf Image, Kazi Feroz Wadud


Mahibul Hossen



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