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White Palace

Ten Storied Apartment Building in Savar

Client: Shamim & Gong Land Size: 10 Katha

Location: Nabinagar, Savar Development Style: Co-operative Housing Development Building Height: Basement + Ground Floor + 9 X 4 Apartments

Primary Challenge was to create a design with Maximum floor Space and Lowest number of Structural elements. In Co-operative land development process, someone takes initiative to buy a land and then sell it to other people with some markups in pricing. Say 7200 square feet land is bought by someone and he then sells it to 36 other people, 200 sqft/ to each of them with some markups in pricing. Then 36 people become the owner of the land and they together with equal participation or share, starts developing the land. Our job usually to design the building and then do the construction if the situation and condition suits us.


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